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OSLO in September!

September is the perfect time to get those family photos off your to-do list. For example shoots and more information,SHOW ME MORE!

Ohio-bound New Yorkers

I have to say that I was a little nervous before this shoot. Katie is a friend of mine. Moreover, she is a crazy goodSHOW ME MORE!

Norwegians + New Yorkers

Did we spend an inordinate amount of time on the subway? Or was that one of the only places in which everyone wasSHOW ME MORE!

Cartagena, Colombia

February sunshine and a politics detox were just what I needed. I am now full of vitamin D and more ready than ever toSHOW ME MORE!

Smögen, Sweden

Oh my god, I am in the throes of a nostalgia-induced breakdown. I am labeling it as such so as to not have to be honestSHOW ME MORE!

Just when I thought I didn’t need more children myself… Behold Sam. October, 2016 New York, New YorkSHOW ME MORE!

I look forward to shooting this family every year. They are a photographer’s dream. When I tell clients toSHOW ME MORE!

Oslo, Norway

She is sunshine and rainbows and knock knock jokes and imagination and so much fun. September, 2016SHOW ME MORE!

Reptiles in Williamsburg

Ringing in your 5th year of life in the company of friends, family, and reptiles is just about as good as it gets.SHOW ME MORE!

ShopUp 2016

Another great event this year at the ShopUp. Cute kids galore made my job too easy!SHOW ME MORE!

Brooklyn Summer, 2016SHOW ME MORE!

Brooklyn Summer, 2016SHOW ME MORE!

Oslo Summer, 2016SHOW ME MORE!

Norwegians… with their gorgeous hair and pretty light and cute kids and clever Canadian husbands whose idea itSHOW ME MORE!

Martha’s Vineyard

Memorial Day weekend. Summer is off to a good start and it hasn’t even begun yet. Here’s to many more daysSHOW ME MORE!

Havana ME MORE!

It was actually Jonas’ birthday. But the thing is, when you’ve paired your pink princess dress with a partySHOW ME MORE!

Tribeca to Park Slope. My favorite walking companion (on wheels).SHOW ME MORE!

I have now photographed this adventurous bunch on two continents. Where to next, guys?    SHOW ME MORE!

Lately in NYC

Lately, meaning, you know, since October. Six months ago.  Two whole seasons ago. Many photos ago. And – ISHOW ME MORE!

Montauk in January

We flew kites, ate birthday cake, watched snow fall, and nearly froze to death. One of the best weekends of thisSHOW ME MORE!

Martha’s Vineyard Summer 2015

It’s March. It’s snowing. It’s about time I post some photos from last summer. Right? MV 2015.SHOW ME MORE!


Zika be damned, we said. I had never been to the Caribbean and I wanted to see if those colors were real. They are.SHOW ME MORE!

Behind the scenes at Devacurl. Big hair. Big fun.SHOW ME MORE!

The Red Balloon

She got a balloon at a birthday party yesterday.SHOW ME MORE!

Snow Storm Jonas

It was short. It was sweet. Oh, so sweet.SHOW ME MORE!

These people are among my favorite to photograph. For obvious reasons… Washington, D.C. October, 2015SHOW ME MORE!

Washington, D.C. October, 2105SHOW ME MORE!

I have a thing for Scandinavians, you see… Swedes in Washington, D.C. October, 2015SHOW ME MORE!

September, 2015 Oslo, NorwaySHOW ME MORE!

Oslo, Norway September, 2015SHOW ME MORE!

Adventure awaits this lucky little babe. Oslo, Norway. September, 2015.SHOW ME MORE!

Oslo, Norway September 2015SHOW ME MORE!

My favorite place to shoot. One of my favorite people to shoot. Oslo, Norway. September, 2015.SHOW ME MORE!

Life in NYC

So far, so good. So, very good.SHOW ME MORE!

Fall Photos in D.C.!

I’ll be in D.C. for a quick photo trip. I only have two spots left, so let me know ASAP if you’reSHOW ME MORE!

the ShopUp!

The ShopUp event in Brooklyn last month was a roaring success. These are just a few of the sweet, sassy, fabulousSHOW ME MORE!

September photo trip!

Ok, I’ll admit it. I miss it. I miss frantically checking the weather forecast. I miss the predictability. I missSHOW ME MORE!

Camp Wandawega

Alli, Sara, and Amanda. It’s almost like one word. I think of it as a whole. Together, they make up this littleSHOW ME MORE!

More than three years ago I took photos of my own kids here. I’ve been trying to convince people to go back for aSHOW ME MORE!

An Ode to Norway

I know. Alright already with the grand vista shots. But I have to. This is an ode to my little adopted homeland. On theSHOW ME MORE!

The youngest one calls me ‘my Becky’. One of my main objectives in moving back is to ensure that she alwaysSHOW ME MORE!

Some of my favorite New Yorkers-to be!SHOW ME MORE!

South of France

We visited the places Martin and I used to go when we lived there many moons ago  – before kids, before jobs,SHOW ME MORE!

Quite possibly the cutest Norwegian-American baby around.SHOW ME MORE!

Norway seems determined to make an outdoorswoman of me. This weekend, it almost succeeded.SHOW ME MORE!

Christmas in Morocco

We went to Morocco for Christmas this year together with our favorite Swedes. I hadn’t been to Morocco for manySHOW ME MORE!

Four generations of family gathered in Essaouira means four times the love. This was a joy to witness and an honor toSHOW ME MORE!

Most Norwegians don’t get their trees until right before Christmas. These are from last weekend, when it wasSHOW ME MORE!

These are from a few months ago. A few, as in more than 6, as in, um, 8. Oops. But if these Swedes don’t brightenSHOW ME MORE!

holiday card mini-shoots

It’s true. It’s right around the corner. Shouldn’t we just take this photo and you can cross it offSHOW ME MORE!


In September we went to Denmark for a few days. You know how sometimes shaking things up ever so slightly can make aSHOW ME MORE!

When she told me last summer that they bought this little red cabin in Sweden, I was all “yeah, yeah, yeah.SHOW ME MORE!

Summer : PART IV

Martha’s Vineyard is what summer memories are made of. MV plus these people is a dream come true. They have mySHOW ME MORE!

Summer : PART III

It now seems like forever ago that we were all living in the same city. We were the first ones at the hospital when ourSHOW ME MORE!

Summer : Part II

St. Louis : Cousins and hunkles* (minus one) and Moomoo and Chez (grandparents) and baby bellies. Swimming and playingSHOW ME MORE!

Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

So, apparently, September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month. For us, every month since last July, when Felix wasSHOW ME MORE!

It’s definitely fall here. Summer came to such an abrupt end for us when we returned home from our trip. It hasSHOW ME MORE!

Could.Not.Be.More.Photogenic And I happen to know it’s in the genes.SHOW ME MORE!

This little lady has no doubt completely changed already, but I fully expect that she is as gorgeous as ever.SHOW ME MORE!

Marfa, Texas

That there are only 145 photos in this blog post and not 500 is incredible. It’s the result of some excruciatingSHOW ME MORE!